Architectural visualization


DVM group’s increasing internal project volume and the international demand for renders, movies, 360° and VR environments both played into our decision to set up a dedicated ArchViz division. To deliver state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery on a new scale, we invested into a new and improved hardware park, while also employing new experts to the team. Architectural visualization offers so much more than just a precise projected future image of a building or interior that is still on the drawing board. From an HR perspective it also helps companies with a smoother transition to their new physical environment and plays an important role in sensitive corporate change management processes. Decision-making routes also speed up by the creation of a common language, a shared platform between the client, the designer, and the construction company.

  • architectural visualizations
  • photorealistic still images
  • video animations
  • 3D renderings
  • 360° panoramic tours
  • virtual reality environments

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